What is prostate cancer?

In the time you read this article, chances are an American man will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. With 189,000 new cases annually, it is the most common internal cancer in American men, and second only to lung cancer among malignant causes of death. The death rate peaked in 1992 and has been falling. Age is… Continue reading What is prostate cancer?


10 tips for disciplining children in public

Everyone has seen a child, maybe their own child, crying or throwing a tantrum in public. Instead of stewing in annoyance, here are 10 practical tips for handling such situations, offered by Mindy Law, an early childhood teacher at Buds and Blossoms. 1. When a child is crying on the bus: “You just can’t say,… Continue reading 10 tips for disciplining children in public

Newton celebrates inaugural Asian American heritage event

May 6, 2014 Since 1977, May has been designated as Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage month. However, for Newton resident Betty Chan, it wasn’t an annual tradition for Asian Americans to organize a celebration. She reversed that by putting together the first citywide heritage celebration, hosted by the Newton Asian Pacific American Network (NAPAN)… Continue reading Newton celebrates inaugural Asian American heritage event

‘9-Man’ premiere showcases Chinese-American street volleyball

April 27, 2014 Ursula Liang never set out to make a film about Boston, yet the hometown crowd came in droves for the premier of the documentary “9-Man”. All seats at the Somerville Theatre were filled with raucous cheering at the Sunday afternoon screening. “9-Man” revolves around a game invented in Toisan and played among… Continue reading ‘9-Man’ premiere showcases Chinese-American street volleyball

What is medical marijuana?

April 25, 2014 With Massachusetts voters’ approval of marijuana for medical purposes in 2012, it will soon be available as a drug therapy option in the state once legislation passes through Mass. bureaucracy. According to federal law, recreational marijuana is illegal and is listed as a category 1 drug in the U.S. Controlled Substance Act.… Continue reading What is medical marijuana?

Governor candidates Berwick, Coakley and Falchuk visit Chinatown

Martha Coakley March 31, 2014 - Current Attorney General, and governor aspirant of Massachusetts, Martha Coakley, visited Tantric Bistro in Chinatown. Coakley’s achievements include being a national leader during the recent recession, holding banks accountable for foreclosures, and keeping 400 million people in their homes. She supported the Defense of Marriage Act, worked to protect… Continue reading Governor candidates Berwick, Coakley and Falchuk visit Chinatown

Chinatown meeting roundup: CSC and CRA

April 2, 2014 The Chinatown Safety Committee welcomed the newly instated president of Tufts Medical Center, Michael Wagner, MD. He had been serving as interim president for six months. Afterwards, Capt. Ken Fong introduced himself. He has worked with the Boston Police Department for 27 to 28 years, and was happy to serve as commander… Continue reading Chinatown meeting roundup: CSC and CRA